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Are You Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

In order to continue hosting the GSFW annually, there is a need to seek out sponsorship in various forms. Sponsorship in the form of cash (ranging from $250 to $2000) or in-kind donation (door prize/gift) will ensure that a educational, unique and memorable event is hosted. The committee will work with cash sponsors to ensure dollars provided are directed to areas that best fit the sponsors need. As a sponsor the organization will receive recognition in all materials published for the event, including posters, brochures, proceedings, registration packages and on the Original Grazing School for Women website. The committee will work with sponsors to meet promotion needs as best as possible.


Janice Boden,

M.D. of Bonnyville 

1 780-207-0560

We Would Like To Thank Our Past Sponsors For Their Contribution to the Original Grazing School for Women 

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