The Grazing School for Women organizing committee is busy planning a webinar series that will focus on Common Tree Pest and Diseases, Dugout and Grazing Management. 

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The Original Grazing School for Women is an annual event held in northeastern Alberta. This 2-day event attracts women from Alberta and Saskatchewan and promotes sustainable agriculture, long-term livestock management strategies, environmental education and networking with like-minded women. The Grazing School has been very successful, attracting over 200 farming and ranching women in the past 5 years.

The Original Grazing School for Women is a partnership between Cows and Fish: Alberta Habitat Management Society, Beaver County, M.D. of Bonnyville, Lamont County, M.D. of Wainwright, County of Two Hills, County of Vermilion River, M.D. of Provost, Smoky Lake County and Lakeland Applied Research Association. 

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